Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee – Compassion & Mental Health with Adonis Bosso (Episode 3)

Today on the podcast, Vanessa brings in Male Super Model and Ivory Coast Man, Adonis Bosso (Top International Model and Signer & Songwriter) to help her discuss the stigma around mental health and the reality of recognizing its importance. A hard subject to cover in most communities, but especially in Africa. Adonis is especially qualified because he was studying in the field before becoming a model and has a special needs kid center in Canada. They also cover Adonis’ family sacrifices for his health as a child and their close family dynamic. On exiting news to come is the release of Adonis’ new singing career with album, “Jungle.” Seasoned musician speaks to new musician and the episode complete the circle of; smile, spread love and be kind.


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    Vee when I saw you in your music videos for the first time I was blown away I knew you was special you are very smart and up beat person and your talent is exceptional and good hearted thanks for talking about this important issue we all have one person or persons that have this problem but for someone like you can help by taking about it thanks so much your fan

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    Thank you for airing such a crucial matter that is hidden in the midst of our community. Everyone is afraid to talk it out assuming that they will not be taken seriously.It is time we have to let go the fear that is feasting on us.Adonis Bosso is a true witness of kindness.@Vanessa much love

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